Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moving Days

We made the move to Nebraska a little earlier than planned. Mostly because of this: And this.

And this.

Well, you get the idea.

We were living among too much mold. Black mold. The kind that can kill you. I'm allergic to mold (as I found out in college.. whole othere story) and was starting to feel sick. It was time to get the bleep out.

Although we weren't nearly done packing we did get a good start. Kinnick (the kitty) knew something was up.

The Double G's arrived on Saturday afternoon (2 weeks ago, in case you're keeping track) to help with packing. My grandpa and I carried everything out of the attic and scattered it out in the lawn. Wanna know why? Mold. Duh. Who doesn't have mold in their attic? Oh, you? Hmmmm.

We sorted though all the junk that we had up there, and there was a lot. Reboxed things to keep, made a Goodwill pile, and threw other stuff in the back of the truck to be dumped in the burn pile. My grandma washed totes with the hose, bleach, and lysol. No spores were coming with us if we could help it!

My parents arrived later that day to help finish packing up our house and start loading the trailer. We are so lucky to have such a helpful family. If things would have worked out, Tyler's parents would have been there, too, but timing wasn't good.

The next morning we finished loading the first load. Had dinner, and were off!

Table was packed, we had to improvise. End tables and coolers as seats, tote lids as trays.

The day consisted of record highs in temperature and strong winds. Not the best moving conditions, but life could get worse. My parents were sweet enough to go back up to MN to get the second load with Tyler and come back down the next morning without him. They were wiped and still had to do some farming later that night. I definately hit the family-jackpot. My other grandma came down Monday to stay with me, help out, and squeeze the babe.

I'm happy to be out of the mold and so is Mason!