Miscellany Monday.

1. No word on the offer we put in on the house.  It is a short sale, so no surprise there.  Yet, we are anxious to hear something.

2. Mason has given up crawling. He's decided walking is a much better mode of transportation.  That didn't take very long.

3. Groceries are expensive.  That's all.

4. I weighed Mason at my parents house this weekend and according to my math, he weighs 23 pounds.  So, either my math is bad, their scale is bad, or he's gained 4 1/2 pounds since his 9 month appointment.

5. Tomorrow I will be doing a giveaway.  I don't necessarily want to clog my blog with such things, but heck, I got free software out of this deal.  So, a giveaway I will be having.  If you stop by, maybe you can get free software out of the deal, too?  Here's something I whipped up with it.

6. The Asian beetles are back and I'm not excited about this at all.  But, the beans must be harvested.

7. Speaking of the beans, I really like this picture of my puppies hopping through the field.  It just showcases what they're truly like so well.  Border collies have lots of energy.  And they jump pretty high, too.

8. Mason has this set of blocks that we picked up at a consignment store a few weeks ago.  He waits patiently while we stack them up, and then gets really excited and knocks them down.  We cheer and clap and so does he.  Well, he tries to clap and it is the silliest/cutest attempt at a clap I've ever seen.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Skye said…
Oh my gosh! Mason is walking already! Wooooh! LOok out! I love the doggy picture in the field too! Beautiful!
Amanda said…
Wow... already walking! We're still trying to get the Marsh to stand up on his own :)

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