The Many Faces of Mason Richard.

The "conversation" face.

 The "are you still there?" face.

The "I'm sneezing" face.

 The "Look how happy and cute I am, can I have a graham cracker?" face.

The "I need a nap" face.

The "food is better when you rub it all over your face" face.

The "did you just dump water on my head?" face.

 The "I've got a Cheerio stuck to my chin but I don't know it" face.

 The "I'm about to pull this kitty's tale" face.

The "sweet and innocent" face.


LeAnna said…
So cute! Do you like the amber teething necklaces? Have you noticed that they make a difference?
Amanda said…
Ha... I have a very similar pic of Marshall right before he yanked on our cat's tail :)

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