Friday, October 14, 2011

So Much For Cleaning.

I try to keep my house tidy.  Well, not very hard.  But, I really feel like I am constantly doing dishes and laundry.
Mostly dishes.
The dishwasher in our house is the kind that you have to first rinse dishes, fill it up, run it, and then wash them afterwards because they didn't get clean in the end anyway... so it is faster to wash by hand in the first place.
I can usually stand at the sink for 2.5 minutes before little hands start pushing my legs away from the counter, so as to make room for me to pick the owner of those hands up.
Well, this morning, I had been standing at the sink for at least 4 minutes and was thinking, "Wow, I might clear the counter off today!"
While that could have been true, the floor was also going to need my attention.

Turns out, emptying a box of barley, playing in it, and having a little snack of it is quite fun.
Have you ever tasted raw barley?
Mason has.. so I had to also.
Tastes like farm dust.
Oh, you aren't familiar with that flavor?  Go stand in a field being harvested and stick out your tongue like you are catching snowflakes.  That will give you a good taste.

So, while I did get the dishes done (until more were added at noon), there may still be some barley lingering on my kitchen floor.


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Haha!! I can so relate. And Mason looks really big/old!!!