So Long, 2011.

I set a few goals at the beginning of the year. Let's revisit them, shall we?
Be A LOT better at sending out cards for birthdays and anniversaries.
I was once again really good at this through the first third of the year and then neglected the specials occasions for the latter third. Sorry guys. At least I saved a tree or two?

Get organized in the photo department, start and finish my wedding scrapbook, replace the picture frame models with our pictures.
While I wouldn't say I'm any more organized, I did start my wedding scrapbook! I got a whole one page done.. And, I am proud to say that the gazillions of picture frames we got for our wedding are filled with pictures of people we actually know. (Thanks, Grandma Jackie)

Blog more often.

Keep the house clean.
Uh.. er.. pass?

Get really good at couponing.
Definitely not going to be on the show "Extreme Couponing".. like ever.  Unfortunately they don't make coupons for a lot of the stuff that goes into our shopping cart. But as soon as they come out with coupons that read buy one organic apple get one free, I'll be all over it!

Breatfeed at least until June (if not longer).
Check. We made it through the biting stage, the time I feared most. I feel very comfortable with our breastfeeding relationship and feel I don't need to set any future goals regarding nursing.

Go on a few dates with my husband.
Well, Tyler and I never went out on a date and I didn't leave Mason alone with anyone this past year, but we were able to spend some good quality time together after he went to bed, watching movies and such. Maybe we'll get to the theater sometime in 2012, but if we don't, no big deal. We love spending time as a family.. that's why we made one!

And, on another note..

Happy 23rd Birthday to my sister, Lindy!



Skye said…
Good job sticking to most your goals.. better than most people! :) LOL Happy new YEar!

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