Last year our babe looked like this:

11-27-10 007

This year he looked like this:


Last year we had hot dogs, mac 'n cheese, applesauce, carrot sticks, and crescent rolls.

11-27-10 005

This year we had a traditional meal, chili and Italian beef, crab legs and lots of pie. Oh and let's not forget about the banana egg bake.*


Last year we were stuck at home recovering, snuggling a new baby, keeping warm.

11-27-10 009

This year we went to three different family Thanksgiving celebrations.


Last year my sister came over to eat with us.

11-27-10 010

This year we saw grandmas and grandpas, aunts and cousins.


Although this year was a lot more eventful and it was great seeing everyone, it would be hard to declare which year was better. It is pretty difficult to top the year with a new baby.

*Do not make banana egg bake. It is gross.


Skye said…
Amazing how much changes in a year!!
Brooke said…
Ha I love your disclaimer at the end.

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