Week 24

Yesterday we had another ultrasound and an appointment with our new OB. The twins are growing well and weigh about 1 pound, 4 ounces each. I don't have any pictures to share since we accidentally left them behind. I hope they return them to us at our next visit.
As for our new doctor, we like him. The visit seemed a little rushed, but he didn't leave without answering the 700 questions I had for him. He is very supportive of me wanting a VBAC, will let me stay pregnant up to 38 weeks, and will deliver the second baby breech if that happens to be the situation. I am very glad we found someone we like right away and that all my birth questions have been answered. Now I can really start to think about my birth plan knowing what to expect (although birth with multiples can have many curves in the road).
As for me, my blood pressure was low (per usual), I've gained about 11 pounds, and my fundal height was around 28 cm. At the end of the day, I'm ready for bed. My back hurts and it is hard to find a comfortable position. I'm not looking forward to the upcoming discomforts, I can tell you that!



LeAnna said…
Glad to hear your new Dr. is supportive of your wishes, that's awesome. You look great! Have you considered seeing a chiropractor who works with pregnant women? Might help with some of the discomfort. I wish I would have with both of mine, and I'm going to take full advantage of my Chiro with baby #3.
Barb said…
Wowser Mel! (saying that in a good way) I can't believe the difference since we saw you just a few weeks ago. Happy to hear you like your doctor and got questions answered. Thrilled to hear the babies are growing well. Looking forward to seeing you guys!
Skye said…
You look fabulous Mama! Glad to hear everything is going good! :) I hope you have a "Snoogle" Pillow for sleeping -that was my saving grace with my pregnancy - but then again, I didn't have twins so I am sure that is more uncomfortable! :(
Adrienne said…
So glad you've got a doctor who will do VBAC *and* breech! Wow!! And I second the chiro recommendation. Hopefully see you in a month, if the babies stay in! :)

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