28 Weeks

I'm officially in my third trimester now, although it feels I've been there for a while now. We had an ultrasound yesterday and Mason handled it pretty well this time. He sat up on the bed with me and played with the goop and snuggled. He hadn't had a nap yet (at 2:30pm) and we had gone to the zoo in the morning, so I was super shocked with how calm he was.
Baby A weighs around 2 pounds, 4 ounces and Baby B is about 2 pounds, 1 ounce. That is an 8% difference, which is pretty consistent with our last ultrasound and that is good news. They said Baby B's belly is just a tad smaller than A's, but he/she makes up for it in the rest of the body.
They were in yet again another position this time! Baby B is pretty comfortable head down and has stayed there for a while, but this time Baby A was laying sideways with his/her feet across B.


Last week, we had a doctor appointment. It was the glucose test, which I assume I passed since I haven't heard anything? The three hour test would really suck, so I'm hoping so.
My belly was measuring 33 centimeters and I've now gained a total of 20 pounds. I gained a total of 26 with Mason, so hopefully I'll be able to pass that point soon. Unfortunately I'm running out of room in my stomach. I can't eat as much now so I'll have to just eat more often. My lung space is beginning to get compromised, too, which is never a good feeling.
At night I get up every 2 hours or so and have to switch sides I'm laying on because my hips hurt so much! I really shouldn't complain too much. So many twin pregnancies have major complications. I am really blessed with how well mine is going. The ultrasound tech told us that earlier yesterday morning she had a mom that was 24 weeks along with mono-di twins (same as ours) that went from a 8% difference at their previous ultrasound to a 25% difference! How scary for them. It was a good reminder of why we make the trek to the city every other week.

As far as naming these babies, we've been set with our girl names for a while now. But gee, boy names are just not easy. We had them picked out and decided 7 weeks ago, but as time went on we changed our minds and now I'm not sure either will make the final cut. They were Henry and Cooper if you were wondering, nice names, but we can't commit!

We've purchased a few things we'll need for these guys/gals and my lovely sister-in-law is having a baby shower for us next week, which we are so excited for. Yesterday I scored a "used once" twin nursing pillow and an extra cover (like this) for $35. We have been avid Craigslist stalkers. We got a booster seat/high chair just like the one we have for Mason for $10 and some assorted gender neutral baby clothes from garage sales. When you buy used, the numbers don't add up as fast. When we were pregnant with Mason, we definitely suffered from new-stuff-itis, but have long since healed from that.

I remember the weeks 30 and on going by really fast last time and I'm hoping that is the case again. I'm ready for warp speed.

Any suggestions for boy names??


Barb said…
Love the update Mel! Can't wait to see your tummy in person :) I'll be zipping you some name ideas! So happy to hear the babies are staying close to each other in size, but growing nicely!
Skye said…
Yayyy 3rd trimester! Craigslist is awesome... I have bought so many things for Julianna on there. ANd sold some stuff too. It's great! I am not above it. There are limits to what I would buy, like a used mattress- um no thanks! Ewww! But we have bought anything we could sanitize or wash from craigslist. Clothes... toys... exersaucer... etc... Love it!
Boys names.... Hmmm... I don't know. Names are so personal. But I like Carter. I also like Derek (As in Jeter) - ok well maybe not but thought I'd throw that out there as a yankee fan! haha! Glad the twins are doing well and you too!

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