Things Mason Is Really Into Lately

--Ketchup (dip)

--Scrunching up his face. And frowning.


--Pulling my hair.

--Bending the pages backwards on his board books so that they pop off.

--Giving hugs to other kids, and sometimes adults.


--Riding in the stroller for walks.


 --Looking at pictures on the computer. Tractors, trucks, and cars mostly.


--Spinning and falling over on the bed.

--The word "up". I think he uses it at least once every hour.

--Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site. A recent library book.

--Refusing to sleep for hours at bedtime.

--Pulling the cat's tail.


--Chasing the little ants on our deck with his fingers.

--Climbing the stairs/ladders and going down the slides at the park all by himself. Sometimes even climbing back up the slides by himself.

--Identifying people we know in pictures.

--Pointing at different things wondering what they are.

--Car carts at grocery stores.

--Climbing. Up on the counter, to the top of the couch, next he'll be scaling the walls.



Tiffany said…
He is so adorable! Thanks for sharing :)
Barb said…
Love the scrunchie face - wonder where he got that? :) Great blog Mel!
Adrienne said…
Awww!! Love it! The hugs- that's cute- Burkley just kisses everyone. Sometimes I wished he hugged! And Burkley refers the computer as "pictures," so you can see that he likes to do the same thing as Mason. haha! That cute frowny face is adorable! What a good idea for a blog post, I may have to copy. ;)
Skye said…
oh my gosh - he is getting to be such a big boy! And look at all that hair! Funny about the blueberries- Julianna can eat a whole pint of them without thinking about it - she loves them! And J loves dipping sauce too (ketchup!) for everything dinner. Pulling the cats tail LMAO - J pulls the dogs tail, ears, fur, etc..... I keep telling pepper that one day the kid will love her but to hang in there for now b/c she feeds you her dinner and be nice! Luckily our dog is a saint and takes all that is dished out to her from the girl!

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