Checking Up

All three kids had a well check appointment yesterday. I thought it was a bit chaotic, but I imagine it'll only get more so as time goes on. I better mentally prepare myself. Luckily my sister-in-law went with us to help out (thanks, Lindsay!). I'm having a hard time imaging leaving the house without a third person with us, let alone just me and the kids. Maybe in a couple years?

You may not know this (since I have yet to complete and publish my birth story), but Elliot weighed 5lbs, 4oz at birth and Finnley weighed 5lbs, 9oz. At the appointment yesterday, Elliot was 9lbs, 14oz and Finnley was 10lbs, 8oz. At 6 weeks, I'd say they are definitely thriving (and what feels like eating constantly).
Mason weighed in at 28lbs and didn't want anything to do with the whole appointment. When his sisters were getting checked out on, he showed genuine concern and was worried they were going to be hurt. We have an amazing PA though, so she reassured him.

Tyler commented at the end of our hurrah, "Thank goodness we don't have to do this again any time soon." Yeah, not for another month....


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