Mason Turned 2!

Mason -
On November 8, 2012 (aka your second birthday) you...

Woke up around 6:30.
Snacked on some cereal (Cheer-o's) and watched some Caillou on the computer while waking up.

Asked for cake for breakfast and had a doughnut (closest I could come up with).
Had both you aunts present at the same time. Aunt Lindsay was here helping with your sisters. Aunt Lindy was doing her laundry.
Played with the dog Lindy was watching for a friend. You were so excited (and kind of bossy), "Puppy, puppy!"

Took a nap, a little over 2 hours.
Had Nutella toast for dinner.
Played outside with Aunt Lindy for a while.


Ran errands with Dad when he got home from school. You went to the grocery store (in town) and Dollar General.
Came home with a new car to play with.
Had a meltdown over juice.
Were asleep by 8.


Skye said…
Awww Happy 2nd birthday Mason!!! What a fun day :) Hope all is well! I love his hat in the last picture. So adorable!
Barb said…
Sounds like a fun birthday! Except for the juice meltdown. Juice will do it every time :)

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