3 Fun Things For Your Car Lover

If your toddler loves cars/trains/trucks/etc. as much as mine, here are three things you can "make" today to add a little spice to their play. Who knows, one of these might even keep them occupied for more then 5 minutes, and we all know how hard that can be. These projects couldn't be easier, so make your kid's day and give them something new to play with.

Grab a bunch of books off the shelf, similar thickness works best, and line them up. If you have a boatload of books like us, you could probably create a super highway that runs all over your house.

We use a melamine shelf as our ramp, but you could easily use something else. A flattened box, a 2x6, a suitcase, a clothes basket turned upside down, couch cushions, any of these would work fine. Lean it against something and slide the cars down.

Grab a cereal box, a shipping box, a box of any kind really, and cut a hole in it. Easy. If for some reason you can't find a box I'm sure there are other recyclables lying around you could turn into a tunnel. You could use a toilet paper roll if you have really small cars to play with. You could tape a paper bag to the bottom of a chair and cut a tunnel through it. Get creative!

You could even combine all three of these things. What fun that would be! Now, go play cars.


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