6 Months

Can you believe it? Halfway to a year already! I've said it before and I will say it again, those first few months were ROUGH. They felt like an eternity. Time went by especially slowly. But once things started getting easier and we all figured out this having three kids under three thing and basketball season got over with, we started back on track with warp speed. And now, my tiny babies are 6 months old!

Okay, maybe not so tiny. Elliot weighs 17lbs, 8oz. Finnley weighs 18lbs, 6oz. Still about a pound difference between the two. Size 9 month clothes have gotten pretty snug, so we on to the 12 month clothes. These gals are rolling every which way, crawling backwards, learning to sit with help, and aren't showing any signs of slowing down. Before we know it, they'll be everywhere!

Our routine goes about like this..
Up at 6:00, on average.
Naked time on the floor (on the blanket).
I leave to pee.
1 minutes later I come back, both babies have rolled off the blanket and pooped on the floor.
...Okay, this doesn't happen every day, but it sure seems like it does!...
Dad and Mason get up around 7.
Get diapered and dressed, Mom and Mason eat breakfast, Dad gets ready for work. Elliot and Finnley play on the floor.
8ish-Mason watches one of his shows on TV while I take the gals upstairs to feed/rock/put down for a nap.
8:45-Nap ends, yeah, that quickly. They also nap around 10:30, 1, and 3:30. These are just average times. I truly don't keep track. They never last more than an hour, and that would be pretty long. Most babies at 6 months take 2 naps. 2 looonger naps. Guess Elliot and Finnley haven't got the memo yet. Mason naps around 11. When all kids nap at the same time, I try to join in. This is rare, however.
In between all that napping, the girls like to hang out in their doorway jumpers and watch Mason play and be worn around the house. Sometimes more floor time takes place, sometimes they practice sitting. But really, they aren't the happiest of babies and need to be held a lot. But, that's okay. I'm becoming very buff.
The day ends at bedtime. 6:00pm. Dad takes Mason upstairs to start his bedtime routine. Mom stays downstairs and rocks/feeds the girls to sleep. Then the girls take turns waking up a bajillion times during the night and we start over again at 6am the next morning!

Elliot and Finnley got their first taste of food. Two days before turning 6 months, but they were just too excited to wait. Day one was cucumbers for dinner and a banana for supper. The sippy cups were pretty intriguing, too.

Elliot has the biggest smile. She is also pretty easy going (compared to her sister), although she has her moments. Usually during her last diaper change of the day, right before bed, she just giggles the whole time. Perhaps she has bottled it up all day and just needs to get it out?

Finnley is really into food right now. If you eat in front of her, she just stares you down, wondering where hers is. She is also the feistier of the two, letting you know what's up.

Both these girls are developing unique personalities and it is great fun to watch them unfold. The older they get, the easier life becomes and the easier it is to see exactly how they fit into our family. Twins might be hard, but it is certainly worth seeing them grow and interact together.


Barb said…
Thanks for posting!! Love seeing the girls :)
Adrienne said…
I love this!! So great to read about your new life with three under three. My friend who does our photography has twins and she says the best part of twins is taking pics of them! ha!

I also cannot believe bedtime is at 6!! But I laughed out loud at the phrase, "the girls take turns waking up a bajillion times during the night..." Man, mothers of twins...I don't know how you do it! You are wonder-woman!

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