Miscellany Monday

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Our kids are short. Like they always measure in the 1 percentile at checkups. That's okay, my husband and I aren't tall people by any means. Well, the two shorter shorties have reached a milestone recently. They can now reach the piano keys from the floor.

Check out those cool bowl covers we got a couple weeks ago. They cover a bowl you already have and suction to the tray. I love them. Finnley has got hers loose a couple times, but for the most part they have been great to have. You know if they weren't suctioned those bowls would be on the ground in a matter of minutes. You can find them {here}.

I checked Frontier House out at the library this weekend. I remember watching it when it first aired and I don't know if I liked it more then or now. They should really do this again. So much better than all the reality crap on now.. not that I know, since we don't have cable.

Last week I ate cheese for the first time in months. It was awesome. Elliot and Finnley had a milk protein intolerance so I went off dairy right before Christmas time since I am breastfeeding. The changes we saw in them were phenomenal, so I stuck with it. Within the last few months I had started eating butter again. And decided since they were doing alright on it, I'd start adding more dairy products. They've now had mac 'n cheese and yogurt and seem to be doing fine! Yippee! Ice cream, here I come.

The gals have been mobile for quite some time now, but just recently Elliot has started to walk. For a couple weeks she would take 3 steps and then sit down. Now she can walk halfway across the room and she seems so excited about it! I will have to share a video soon. Not much is cuter than a baby learning to walk. Well, besides a baby laughing. Or.. a baby smiling in their sleep. So pretty much everything a baby does is cute.

And some raspberry fingers. For good measure.

Have a good week!

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Amy said…
Such cute kids! Mine are teens now and miss that stage of life.
I love Frontier House too! The Library is such a great source to watch dvds.
LeAnna said…
Your kiddos are precious! Loved these pics. And thanks for the reminder about the Frontier House show. I can remember watching it when it aired as well, but would love to see it again!

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