Name Change

Looking for Just Another Day? Don't fear.. you are in the right place. The blog naming contest has ceased and I selected a new title (like you haven't noticed).

Growing Like Weeds

Suggested by my own mother.. at the last minute, nonetheless. Seriously. This was a really hard decision. I thought I had one picked out and then another would come along and I'd have to start from scratch. This happened more than once. I made lists, crossed things out, penciled in my own ideas. I was maybe even stressed a little by how many great names I had to choose from. Some of my other favorites:
Half Pint Chronicles
Playing Zone
Five Strings Attached
The Clothesline
Pioneer Parenting

There were more good ones, those are the ones that made it to the semi finals though. Thank you all for giving me such wonderful suggestions! I appreciate the time and thought you put into it.

I thought Growing Like Weeds fit very well here. My gardens have always had their fair share of them. My kids are getting bigger/smarter/cuter/funnier/awesomer every day. My husband and I are growing in our own ways (parenting, our relationship, individually). Plus, I think it is a cute name.

See? Isn't he bigger/smarter/cuter/funnier/awesomer than the last time you saw him?

So, what do you think? Do you like it? Did you have another favorite?


Adrienne said…
I love it!! I love it the best out of all the ideas! Way to go, your mom!
Barb said…
I love it. It is perfect! Isn't it amazing how sometimes the most fitting thing comes flying at us at the 11th hour?! Way to go Kim! AND I love love love the yellow... it's my happy color :)
LeAnna said…
I love it! Mama's are always right, haha.

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