Morris Christmas Facts

On one hand it feels like Christmas didn't even happen. On the other hand, I'm still knee deep in new toys, I haven't found enough places to put things away.

I only took pictures of our little family Christmas together, I was too busy living in the moments of our other celebrations (AKA breaking up toy fights, dishing up kid food, changing diapers, picking up wrapping paper).

Mason was so excited about Christmas. We talked about what Christmas is really about, but he didn't seem to grasp it much. I'm not sure if it is because our cat is also named Jesus or because everyone else in the world seems to only talk to kids about presents and Santa Claus when it comes to Christmas.

Mason enthusiastically and genuinely thanked everyone for their gifts. Elliot and Finnley were so overwhelmed by new stuff, they would have been fine with just one good gift and didn't really care to continue opening after the first couple.

Christmas Eve service at church went very well. The kids played quietly/listened the whole time. Mason even tried singing along with a couple hymns.

The weather was beautiful on Christmas. The birds got a full day of free ranging as their gift. (Still on partial lock down due to the dog, we tie her up when they are out now)

Two nights in a row of staying up hours past bedtime and not napping equals irritable and cranky children.

We still have one (maybe 2) celebration left and I'm glad it is spaced out a bit from the rest of the chaos.

* * *

How was your holiday celebration(s)?


Looks like a fun Christmas! Such cute kids. My Christmas and Holiday season was great!

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