The Louisville Slugger Club

Unfortunately I was inducted into it this evening. I went up to the chicken house to get the eggs before they had a chance to freeze (it was chilly today) and when I walked in, the chickens didn't come running at me expecting treats like usual. Hmm, that was odd. Also, the hens were making weird noises, all flustered as was Tom. So I checked the first room for eggs, none. Went to the back room and shone my flashlight in the corner nest where they like to lay and there it was, the big ol' opossum. Great. We keep our Louisville slugger right outside the chicken house so I grabbed it. I don't like being in the club, but I am now. We've lost enough chickens recently, we'd like to not lose more. Plus, it obviously ate all the eggs. The chickens have been on lockdown since the dog incident a week and a half ago, so the opossum must have squeezed through a gap above the gate on the run and let itself in.


Barb said…
Some clubs are just no fun.

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