Sunday, March 15, 2015


We've had such nice weather, it makes me so happy. Spring is my favorite season and seeing the green blades of grass slowly showing up, the geese returning north, and mud galore (even if a good amount of that ends up in my house) makes me smile. I'm glad the weather is being so kind, it was hard to get motivated after the sickness passed through the house (Tyler is getting his turn now). I really need to get my seeds started in the next couple days and I'm still working on finding the house after being sick. Now that the kids can spend some time outside, that makes for more time for me to do tasks uninterrupted.. even if it is just five minutes of peace before Elliot's sock needs fixed because it is on slightly crooked. Yes, that happens. Often.
I know it isn't technically spring yet, but it is at my house. I'm calling it.