Tom Troubles

It is muddy, spring is coming! Not all the snow has melted yet but soon it shall. It was a long night last night, Finnley wasn't feeling well and threw up a few times. She threw up one last time at 5:30 this morning (great way to start the day...) and acted very normal the rest of the day. Not sure if we're all going to get our turn at this like we did just not too long ago or if it was just some weird Finnley only occurrence. I know what I'm hoping for!
Tom attacked me a couple days ago. I was even being very nice to him and had just offered him a banana (his favorite). My sister was here dropping some stuff off and I had carried a box out to her car and lingered to make sure Tom didn't get run over as she left. He was really irritated I guess, as I started walking back into the house, I noticed (too late) that he was running after me and just as I was stepping up on the deck he jumped at me on my side. His nails scratched and bruised the back of my leg. I kicked back but think I missed and then ran into the house, I knew he would just keep attacking me because that's what turkeys do.
The next day it was super nice outside and the kids played out on the deck for majority of the day and the whole time Tom just paced on the other side of the fence gobbling constantly. I was a little on edge, afraid he'd fly over and go for the kids but he never did. Each time I've been outside doing chores I've carried my Louisville slugger just in case and don't dare turn my back on him. Just getting eggs out of the nesting box made me paranoid as he watched. So today I herded him and Sasha (the much sweeter, although a bit hissy gal turkey) into the original turkey house that they hate. It has a run, but I know Tom is going to be irritated he can't roam.
We aren't sure what his future holds. He was supposed to be a more permanent resident of our farm, being our breeding tom. He's so far failed at that. We incubated 17 turkey eggs and not one turned out to be fertilized. I'm leaning towards freezer camp for him, but it would be really nice to get some fertilized eggs first! Tyler hasn't been around much in the last few days so we really haven't had a chance to discuss. The fate of Tom remains undecided.


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