Partners in Crime

I may have said it before, but having twins is not like having an extra kid, it is like having a few extras. These girls have always kept us on our toes, making the mess of five. You turn your back to clean up the oats one has spilled on the floor.. and then realize the other has been drawing on herself with markers so you turn your back to tend to that.. and then the first is stealing band-aids out of the drawer sticking them to the mirror.. you peel those off while the other has taken the corn starch, gelatin, and salt to do some "baking" outside... and well it just keeps going. Let your imagination run wild, it has probably been attempted by these two.
They play together fabulously and are surely built-in best friends, but they also can be one another's devil on the shoulder. We have a list on the fridge of things they owe us money for wasting, there is still room to add to the paper (but not much), hoping not to fill it up though! I guess there is something about being four and not being able to connect the dots that dumping mom's grapefruit essential oil, magnesium spray, and hydrogen peroxide into your mud muffins costs money. But alas we are trying to connect those ideas anyway! Wish us luck.


Anonymous said…
she looks soo hot in only her little panties goodness I'd blow a huge sticky creampie in there

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