Kid Talk

Mason was getting ready to go outside and do the morning chicken chores..
Me - "You have a hole in your sock."
Mason - "That's okay, most farmers do have holes in their socks."

Elliot - "Yew Nork" instead of New York. Every time. We haven't corrected her yet, it is just too cute.

^^Our Souper Bowl Party^^

I was playing a country trivia game with Mason..
Me - "What type of bear lives in my country? Hint: it starts with the letter "P".
Mason - "Poltergeist?"

Me - "Will you get a new butter out of the fridge, please?"
Finnley - "Yes! I will do anything for you, Mom. Except go into a volcano."

Elliot - "Can I have something that is 100% healthy and 8% dairy?
Me - Looks at her inquisitively.
Elliot - "Cheese."


Goos Tales said…
"Anything but go into a volcano ..." Well, ya got to draw the line somewhere.
Anonymous said…
wanna bury my thumb in her ass

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