What We Read in January

I really love seeing what other people are reading with their kids or even for themselves. I thought I'd share what we have been reading as well. So, here's some of our favorites from January..

Read Alouds (Novels/Chapter Books)

Pippi Longstocking - I remember watching the old movie when I was a kid, but never read the book. It is very similar to the movie, just a few differences in the story (from what I remember!) The kids liked this one, but reading it as a parent I find Pippi a lot more annoying.

The Children of Noisy Village  - We all loved this one. Who doesn't dream of growing up on a farm with two other families with children basically right next door to play with every day?

The Woodshed Mystery (Boxcar Children) - Tyler searched out this one and read it to the kids. It was his absolute favorite Boxcar Children book growing up so he wanted to share it with our kiddos. Mason said he liked it, but not as much as Dad.

Picture Books

Our Community Garden - Mason especially enjoyed this one (and the next one). He has been obsessed with his future garden as of lately. It is a story of kids in the southwest growing their own veggies in the community garden and then having a big feast in the end with everyone's input.

The Life and Times of Corn - Everything you ever wanted (or didn't want) to know about corn.

Ol' Mama Squirrel - I think the kids liked this one so much because of the repeated "Chook chook chook!" the Mama Squirrel uses to scare away the predators.

Ox-Cart Man - This is a story of a family that works hard through the year and then the father goes to town and sells everything, and the process starts all over. It shows the simple rhythm the years used to carry before everything got so complicated!

Murphy in the City - The girls especially really enjoy Murphy (we have another book about him they love). He takes a trip to the city in this story to see the sights/sounds/smells, gets lost but found again quickly. Alice Provensen is one of our favorite author/illustrators.

I give up on how to rotate this.

Library Books

Baking Class - The kids have been glued to this recipe book and even talked me into making a few things. We spend a lot of time together in the kitchen so I was surprised this was such a hit, but I guess picking recipes from a library book is just more exciting!

Trouble with Money (Berenstain Bears) - Mason's other obsession--money. He keeps requesting this one and claims it has converted him to a saver (major money burning whole in pocket syndrome sufferer), we will see if that keeps up.

School-ish Books

The 50 States - Everyone that looks at this books loves it, maybe even adults more so. It is full of fun to look at facts and info on all the states. Great book for sure!

Bedtime Math: This Time It's Personal - We read one of these math story problems each night and they beg for more. There are different skill levels in the questions so everyone got their own questions to answer. I'm keeping my eye open for other versions of this series because they love it so much.

What I read
I had a hard time getting into anything in January. I got some great books for Christmas that I am excited to read, but I guess the reading this just wasn't clicking for me last month. I also started like six or seven fiction books only to get about a tenth of the way in and decide it wasn't doing anything for me. So, I don't have any books to add this month!

How about you.. what are you reading? What are your kids loving lately?


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