Hello November

Where'd we leave off? Oh yes, back in... March... we had just arrived home from our vacation down to the very bottom of Texas and back. Then my camera was accidentally pulled off the counter by a short passerby and the lens broke. And so I stopped posting.
Yes I have a smart phone (for almost 8 months now!) and have a pretty great camera on there. But it just doesn't feel right posting those photos here. 
Spring went by. We hatched our fair share of chicks, ducks, and guineas. We planted seeds. We enjoyed the change from cold to not as cold.
Summer came. We spend our Mondays at the Farmers Market. Our days in the sun, some evenings at the park to make bedtime easy. My tomatoes died because apparently when it doesn't rain you have to water them.
Then it was fall. It is fall. But that season is passing by quickly as well.
Well, good news. I have finally gotten a new lens and we're back in business. Or, back in leisure?


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