Sunday, November 4, 2018

Kid Talk

The kids were playing they were a musical band, drumming and humming, and Elliot was the lead singer I guess, her lyrics were "We're a band that is really loud" over and over again.

Finnley: "Mom, we need to use on of those white umbilical cords."
Also known as extension cords.

I was doing payroll for the restaurant in Quickbooks and Mason came up and starting asking questions. I was explaining how the program multiplies the hours the employees work by the amount we pay them hourly and then subtracts the taxes from their total and that is how much we write checks to them for. And then at the end of the month all that money that came off their totals for taxes we get to pay the government.
Mason: "So what you are saying is that it's really boring?"

We were talking about Daylight Savings Time changes when I was a kid and how we didn't have cell phones and computers that automatically changed the time for us and how people would show up to church and hour late or early depending on the fall vs. spring. I was listing what type of clocks we used, microwave clock, watches, wall clocks, etc. and he chimed in with "And sun dials!"

Elliot was telling me about how all her kids are going to be girls. I was explaining that you don't get to choose the gender of your babies. I don't remember what exactly was said, but Mason basically said the only way for you to be able to choose your baby being a girl or boy was to have a gender reveal party.