Monday, August 29, 2011

Camping Up North.

A couple weeks ago, before school started for Tyler, we went on a miniature vacation.  I say miniature because it wasn't far away and it was only a few days long.  Those are not typical, regular vacations for my family.  When we do vacation, we do vacation.
We are the camping type of people, but not tent camping.  Been there, done that, we've moved on.  We have a fifth wheel camper and love it.  A tent cannot provide us with air conditioning, a bathroom, and a kitchen.  Those are non-negotiable amenities in our book.
We spent our mini-vacay in Sioux Falls, where my sister lives.  Actually, we lived about 40 minutes away from the city just 3 months ago.  We find it funny that there was so much we had never done after living so close for so long.  We met my parents up there and they camped in the spot next to us.  Most of our time at the campground was spent at their camper, as it is a step up from ours.
Our camper = Motel 6
My parent's camper = La Quinta
A great time was had by all.  We visited Falls Park, went shopping, went swimming, played games, and other vacation-y stuff.
And now, some pictures.

Vising my sister's itty bitty house.  We had another bout of thrush and tried gentian violet, that is why Mason's mouth is purple.  

 I don't know them, but thought they were cute.

 Pooped out baby.

 Hmmmm, am I starting to look a lot like my mom?

 My purdy sister.

 Lindy learned how to light the grill. About time.


Jamie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Andersen vacations are the best. I like to justify any of my mini-trips by the fact that "Melissa's family would leave for a whole month!" I just wish that I could still ride my bike up that massive hill to feed your cats and collect eggs.