What's New On The Food Front?

Well, not much.
Mason is still not consuming a large amount of solids at this point (which is totally fine) and continuing to get most of what he needs from nursing.  As of late, I've bought a few jars of baby food to use as "jelly" on his toast and waffles in the morning.. and maybe because I really just wanted to have some little jars.  He enjoys eating the purees off pre-loaded spoons.  Dipping his own spoon does not happen at this point.  It might happen, but 5 seconds later, the bowl of food would be turned upside down.. so pre-loading it is for now.
Mason's only yucky face food at this point is applesauce.  He loves apples (sliced or whole), but no go on applesauce.  One of his most favorite foods is spaghetti, or pretty much any type of pasta with tomato-y sauce.  He's also a big fan of peaches, hamburger, chicken, and yogurt.  Of course he will eat almost everything.. besides applesauce.
An issue we've been having lately is food getting rubbed into the eyes.  Mason will have food residue on his hands, get tired, rub his eyes, and then keep rubbing his eyes because they hurt.  Vicious cycle continues.  I think I'm going to start getting supper ready a bit earlier and try to be ready to wipe his eyes if need be.  Because spaghetti sauce eyes can cut supper time short.
I guess something else that is kind of new to the mix is a couple top teeth.  Biting has become easier and it seems now he's getting more chunks off food.  Chunks he isn't expecting, so there is more gagging, like in the beginning.  I'm sure it won't last long, he'll soon figure out what his pearly whites are capable of.


Adrienne said…
Such cute pictures!! Burkley won't eat applesauce either. However, unlike Mason, he also won't eat pasta. I think it creeps him out. He will systematically pick out all of the veggies I've tossed into our pasta dishes and those and then be confused as to why there is pasta sticking to everything else as he tries to fling it on the floor. In fact, I was going to blog about this soon, so now you have a preview. :)

And I love that the eating of foods hasn't hindered Mason's nursing! Gosh, that tooth picture is just so cute!

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