My Time Wasters.

I'm addicted to the internet.  Both my husband and I are guilty of spending way too much time in front of our computers.  We rarely watch television anymore, it is a bit ridiculous actually.
So, what the heck am I doing online?  I'll tell you.  These sites are my addictions favorites.

My newest, most favorite time waster.  If you've never heard of it, you should check it out.  If you are also addicted, you should follow my boards.  "Pinterest is a virtual pinboard" (in case you didn't know).
I can't get the link to work for this site, is the place. You can either request an invite or ask me to send you one! Looking for me? Melissa Morris is the name.

It seems as if everyone already knows about this gem.  You get points by searching, completing surveys, answering polls, and lots of other ways.  Those points can be redeemed for prizes.  So far I've redeemed my points for about $100 in Amazon giftcards and $20 in Ecomom giftcards.  Good stuff.
For some reason I can't get the link to work for this site either, you can find the banner for it on my sidebar.

You can find a lot of neat handmade and vintage things for sale on this great site.  This is also old news, but I've been spending a lot of time listing things in my own shop, Dejigle.. more to come on that later.

Everyone knows Facebook, even my grandparents use it.  I remember back in the day when I first got FB it was only for college students.  Wow, has it come a long way.  Now, my blog even has its place there.

I signed up for Twitter a couple years ago.  Tweeting a few times, then forgot about it.. until a month or so ago.  Now I'm back to tweeting (mostly uninteresting things).

Reading Blogs.
This is probably what I spend most of my time doing.  I have my usuals that I enjoy very much, and then there are some I just stumble across when I'm in research mode.  What do these all have in common?  They are all written by moms.  The day I discovered the mommy blog world, my life changed forever.  Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but you get the point.  Here's 5 of my favorites:
Mommying My Way (Adrienne) -- Possibly my long lost twin? Well, no, she's tall and I'm not.  But, we do have a ton in common!  Oh, and her son Burkley is not only the same age as Mason, he's quite a charming little guy.
Thoughts and Whatnots (LeAnna) -- This cute mamma has two sweet little ones, an adorable accent, and a knack for writing.  She takes some darn good photos, too.
The Wonders Of  (LeAnna) -- No, I don't just have a thing for the name LeAnna.  I always learn something or feel inspired or get a good laugh from one of her three girls when I read her posts.
Jazzy Mama (Patti) - This mama is anything but mainstream and I love everything she talks about.  She usually inspires me to do a little research on the topics she talks about.
First Time Mama, First Time Blogger (Skye) - She just came back from a brief break in the bloggy world and I'm looking forward to the updates of her one year, Julianna.

So, there you have it.  If you can't find me, find my computer and I'm probably in front of it.
What are some of your biggest time wasters?  Are you addicted to the internet like me?


Adrienne said…
Yes, I am very addicted. But, I just took a vacation and DIDN'T bring my computer for the first time in like 6+ years. It was...great!! Thanks for mentioning me, I'll be paying back the favor shortly!
LeAnna said…
Just now getting to catch up on a bunch of your posts! I think it's too funny you know two bloggy peeps with my name, which I have NEVER met another soul with. Well, I've seen a few online but never met 'em. But I digress.

Pinterest? Total time waster. I love it. I love it. I love it.

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