Five Links Friday.

I think I'm going to start sharing a few links here at the end of the week. Most will probably be from Pinterest.. because like most of the other women of the world, I'm addicted. But, I may have come across them in other ways, too, just so you know.  Here are some things I enjoyed this week.

How to keep babies busy in the kitchen. There are only a few tips in the article, but the comments have many more ideas.

Easy slow cooker refried beans. These were super easy to make and especially delicious. And, bonus, BPA free.

Basement stairs shelves. I am thinking this might be a good idea for our stairs, for just a little extra storage space.

A 2012 Declutter and Organize Calendar. Sign me up. This may help me achieve one of my goals for the year.. too bad it is already half way through February.

Clothesline Photo. This picture is pretty and makes me really really want spring to get here.
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LeAnna said…
Ohhh, that clothesline picture is gorgeous! I wanna be there.
EJR said…
I wish we could use clotheslines- to be able to put the diapers out in the breeze to dry would be nice for a change. Alas- they're "banned" by the association rules... grrr.
Melissa said…
That's awful! I think you should fight that rule!

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