Friday, February 3, 2012

Mason, What's New?

Soon our little guy is going to be 15 months old, can you believe it? He is busy learning and exploring. It is almost unbelievable how much he's learned in the past couple months. Here are some things Mason has been up to lately:

Loves to climb. Onto the couch, up dirt piles (also known as our yard), on his cars, up the slide.. you name it, he'll give it a try. It is so fun to watch him build confidence. Well, 50% fun, 50% terrifying.

His vocabulary has also been growing. Most words he's just started saying in the last month. I feel like he learns a new word every day. He says dada, duck, Eeyore, Pooh, tractor and rarely, mama. He says car, which is his favorite word and will let you know when he sees or hears one. He asks for crackers, Pout Pout (to read The Pout Pout Fish book), and for help when he's stuck. He loves his boppa (grandpa) and to look at pictures of any baby. When he wants something or wants you to take him to something he'll point and say that. He says pop when we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar because the caterpillar pops out of the egg. I ask him to pat the dogs and he say pat pat pat while doing so. He knows a sheep says ba, a cow says moo, a dog says woof, and a rooster says cah cah cah. He says potato (sounding more like potate) and book, poop and tickle. When he is teething hardcore and having a really bad time with it, he'll say ninga over and over. When someone is leaving or he wants to leave or go outside, he says bye bye.

His communicating through actions has also gained some ground. He waves when he says "bye bye." Although I know he's still capable of it, the sign for milk has disappeared and he's resorted to either lifting or grabbing my shirt and/or whining. Actually, it seems whining is a preferred way of asking for things. I almost always can tell what he wants, but when I don't know, that's when life gets hard. For both of us. Mason can sign "more" and blow kisses. We recently introduced "all done" and "poop" and he has done both already. In fact, today he signed AND said "poop" WHILE HE WAS POOPING!

His independent play is lasting a little longer these days. Sometimes I can actually get stuff done around the house. It is fun to see him crawl around on the floor and pretend to be a dog. He also makes things as simple as a few bowls very interesting. I really do wonder what is going on in his head, because those wheels sure do spin.

Around the time Mason turned one we gave up the exercise ball method of putting him to sleep and tried out new things. Lately I've been wearing him in the Boba to lull him to sleep, but sometimes he just needs to go go go (jump on the bed, read lots of books, drive around his dump truck) until he can't walk straight and only requires a few sways to send him off to dreamland.

I'd say that Mason still nurses about 8-10 times a day and no less than 2 times during that night, way more than that the last couple of months due to those molars. Speaking of those one year molars, they still haven't popped out. How long did it take your kiddo(s) to get theirs?

As for solids, he can take it or leave it. There are some foods he is really enthusiastic about like cheese, grapes, oranges, and chicken nuggets... but there are also times when he really doesn't want to eat anything. His favorite snack is probably cheddar bunnies and he likes to carry a sippy around the house with him. It is a good day if there's orange juice in it.

The weather has been so nice here lately, we've been spending our days going on walks and hanging out in the yard. We take two different kinds of walks. One is with Mason riding on my back in the Boba with the dogs on leashes, we go longer distances and talk about all the things we see and hear. The other kind is when Mason and I are both walking and I go where he goes. I'm usually silent and let him explore unless he looks at me for my input. Sometimes we end up in people's yards or a car comes down the street and I have to interrupt his curiosity, but otherwise it is great fun watching him. Sometimes we will walk a few blocks and pick up rocks and sticks on the way, other times we come across a puddle and play in it for ten minutes.

Mason sure is growing... and so is his hair. We've officially reached mullet stage. Tyler is really wanting it to be cut, but our family beautician has headed south for this (gorgeous) winter. So, Grandma Bev, if you're reading this, you need to come cut your Great Grandson's hair. Just saying.

I can't think of anything I'd rather do than to observe my son learn and grow each day. Parenthood can be hard, but is such a wonderful gift. I'm so excited for everything the next days, months, and years bring.


LeAnna said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

He is such a cutie pie! Totally get the mullet thing. Poor Sprig, I finally trimmed her mullet wings, but I can't bring myself to cut anymore. It's bad enough she can be decked out in purple and pink and people still call her a boy!

Q didn't get his 1 year molars until he was 2, and just cut his 2 year molars a few weeks before his 3rd bday...and I'm afraid Sprig isn't in much better shape. She has a whopping 5 teeth!

Grandma B said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Awesome blog as always Mel! Especially love the last picture - just a reminder of how independent he is getting :) Love being able to "keep up" with Mason even when we aren't there.

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That's so funny, LeAnna, Mason gets mistaken for a girl all the time!

Amanda said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Great pictures :) And don't feel bad... Marshall's bangs are now below his eyes!