The Day Every Twin Parent Dreads

It happened.

The moment every twin parent knows is coming in the back of their mind. You read about other twins doing it and know it is just a matter of time. You laugh when others experience it and perhaps that is just denial speaking.

You've seen pictures. You've laughed, gagged, looked away, shared with your best friend. Deep down you wondered, will mine be next?

When the moment does come, you do a double take. Your eyes get big, you lose your breath, your heart may even stop beating for just a moment. You scream "Noooooooo" as you jump through the air towards your child.

That's right. Today was the day. We'd had a close call several months back, but the situation finally arose. I found Elliot eating Finnley's poop. Seriously. I had taken Finnley's diaper off not too long before and she was running around the house bare bottomed. She had already pooed earlier in the day so I was not expecting this.
Elliot was not just eating poop, but she was crying while she was eating poop. That is why I found her in the act. It was like a "Waaaah, I don't wanna eat this, it tastes disgusting" type of cry, yet there she was popping a piece into her mouth.
It was all over her hands and feet and shirt and it did not smell pleasant, as poop tends not to. She went straight to the tub, as did the pooper, and the brother that was luckily nowhere near the situation.
While this is all disgusting, our poop eating twin moment was quite tame. I've seen pictures of twins covered in each other's crap from head to toe. We got lucky.

* * *

Did your kids ever eat poop? Please share your story!


Adrienne said…
LOL!! I totally thought you were going to say that you mixed them up. ;) I've never heard that twins often eat each other's poop! haha
Skye said…
OMG. Noooo way! LOL. Not funny but holy crap - literally. I also thought you were going to say you mixed them up LOL. This is way worse.

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