Five Links Friday

Bubbly Probiotic Lemonade - Mason loves lemonade, he asks for some often. Lately I've just been giving him lemon water because we are "out of lemonade", but I'd like to try this recipe soon!

5 Ways Clearing Off My Kitchen Counters Changed My Life - I cleared off my counters early in the day this week and then went on to read this article. That order of events was backwards, but I agree with all the points she made. Physical clutter really does clutter the mind.

How to Be Friends With a Farmer - Do you have farmer friends? Do you help out when you visit them?

22 Books You Should Read Now Based on Your Childhood Favorites - This is an old article, but I had it saved to share and haven't shared any links since.. December.. so if you didn't see it floating around before, check it out. What was your favorite childhood book on the list?

Using Sand In the Coop - We have a chicken house with many issues, including a leaky roof. Whenever it rains, the woodchips get wet making them last a very short while. We did get a tarp thrown over the roof, but are also thinking about switching to sand, both in the coop and some in the outdoor run. I would have never thought of it before reading this.


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