The Google Pad

Last week, a thunderstorm compromised our internet by frying our router. 5 long days later, we are up and running again. I was a nice break, and I know we can live without internet, but there were times we just wanted to Google something. I started to write things down that we wanted to look up.

Why is New York called the Big Apple?
Our niece asked us this question, we had no idea why. After briefly looking it up, I'm still not entirely sure of the answer.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe
I had just found one on Pinterest before we lost internet, but I didn't pin or print it, but wanted to make some. I ended up just making up my own recipe and Tyler says it tasted "Amazing." I'll have to share it with you sometime.

Ditch Weed
I pulled a weed and we thought this is what it was, but wanted to double check. Now that I've looked, seems we were right.

Mulberry Pie Recipe
I picked a large bowl of mulberries off one of our trees and thought they would make a good pie. They are in the fridge, I think I've decided to use them in place of blues in a blueberry buckle recipe I found in one of my books, but if you have ever made mulberry pie, how did it turn out?

Flavored Gelatin Packets Without Artificial Dyes
My dad was talking about some making a mulberry pie and said I should add some Jello to it make sure it is thick, to which I reminded him we don't do artificial dyes, so he said I should start a business making gelatin packets that don't have the dyes. Hmmmmm.

How does smoking preserve meat?
1. The heat kills microbes. 2. It dries the food, inhibiting bacteria growth. 3. Chemicals in the smoke serve as preservatives.

When is elderberry season?
Just wanted to know when I need to start foraging for some. I'm still not sure, sometime between mid-July and September.

Albino Toad
I found a toad this morning that was way lighter in color than "normal" toads. I reached down to pick it up and it hopped off the deck and into a crevice I could reach it, so I didn't get a chance to take a picture. It wasn't white-white, but more a dusty grey-white. I just wanted to see pictures of toads other people have found to compare.

What kind of things have you Googed lately? Is you search history this random?


Skye said…
I think the big apple derives from some saying in the early 1900's - I looked it up lol and was sorta right -it had to do with horse racing or a campaign of the time possibly. I have heard all kinds of reasons since I live right next to it- Google is confused as all of us! :)
Adrienne said…
I can't imagine being without internet for that many days!! And man, how did we know anything before Google!?

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