First Month in Review

Dearest Mason,

The first month of your life just flew by. Lack of sleep and overwhelming joy became a staple to my every day. Here are some of the highlights.

You often (almost always) would fall asleep with your hands raised above your head in the "touchdown" position, unless we swaddled you (and sometimes even then). When we got home from the hospital, your first mail was awaiting you in the box. It was from your Great Grandma Jackie and Great Grandpa Roger.
You love your girly swing. Granny Deb bought if for you before she knew you were going to be a boy. She was just so excited she couldn't wait and went with pink. You don't mind though. This is the only way I could get things done during the day is by putting you in the swing. You very much prefer to be held and will wake up almost instantly when set down, so we spent a lot of time watching tv (more so me than you).Your first few baths at home were sponge baths until your owies healed. You didn't mind them too much, but of course didn't like being cold. Sometimes after baths we'd let you air dry and give your butt some breathing time out of diapers before dressing you. Once while in your towel you peed on me and once on Grandma Kim. The first person you peed on while getting your diaper changed was your dad.. he wasn't the last, however. Your first Thanksgiving was pretty low-key. We weren't ready to journey to family yet, you were only 2 1/2 weeks old. So, we stayed home and your Aunt Lindy came over to join us. We had hot dogs, mac and cheese, carrot sticks, apple sauce, and crescent rolls.. well, you had milk.
You loved your first (and second, but not your third) real bath. We call it a whale bath, since your tub is a big, blue whale. We set a portable heater on the table to keep it warm.

The first time you really spit up, you were in your swing and I was switching the laundry. When I came back and picked you up, you were soaked.. as was the swing. Other than that, you haven't really thrown up or spit up too much. Just a small amount at occasional feedings.

You have also started smiling! I'm not talking "I just got a gas bubble out and it felt good" smiling. I mean REAL smiles! And, of course it melted my heart, and does every time the corners of your mouth turn up.

By the end of the month, your newborn clothes were starting to get a tad small, but could still be worn with keeping a couple snaps undone. The next size up was still too big, but we managed. You also outgrew your prefold diapers and started wearing fitteds and pockets more often, although the one size pockets tended to leak out the legs since you were still a little small for them. On your one month birthday, we went to Dad's basketball game with Grandma Kim and Grandpa Tim. I was worried about all the germs, but you lived through it. So many people were excited to see you (since we had been in hiding since you were born.. it was COLD outside!) You still didn't know your arms and legs exist and often your hands would be your worst enemy. Once you grabbed the pacifier out of your mouth and waved it all over the place. You got so angry because you just wanted it in your mouth!
You love being sung to! Since your Dad could never think of anything to sing, he would sing jingles off of tv commercials, I usually went with Christmas songs.
By the end of the month you were turning your head to see someone talking to you. You recognized me (smell, voice, face) and were so happy to hear Dad's voice when he got home from work. You also could follow things with your eyes instead of thinking they just disappeared forever when leaving your vision.
You make lots of noises, out of both ends. You grunt, hiss, and coo. Your vocabulary consisted of "goo, gee, yi" and other various words. The only times you really cry are when you are hungry and when you have gas. You are a sweet, little baby and we can't wait for what comes next!!!


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