Holiday Schedule

Unfortunately, since Tyler is a basketball coach, we never get the true Christmas break most teachers get. So, here is our plan for this year:
12/22 - Mason and I travel down to Grandma Kim and Grandpa Tim's house.
12/23 - Tyler has school and a far away game.
12/24 - Tyler comes down to join Mason and I, bringing the dogs to drop off at Gary's. We have church (probably at 4?) and celebrate Christmas at Great Grandma Bev and Great Grandpa Rick's house.
12/25 - Since Aunt Lindy has to work, we won't be having our regular Christmas morning. We'll be going up to Great Grandma Jackie and Great Grandpa Roger's house in the evening.
12/26 - We will be waking up early to have "Christmas Morning" before leaving for central Iowa. Noon is at Grandpa Mike and Grandma Barb's.
12/27 - Christmas at Nanna Deb's. Leaving in the afternoon to go back to SW Iowa.
12/28 - Tyler returns to snowy Minnesota with the dogs. Basketball tounament.
12/29 - Basketball tournament continues.
12/30 - Basketball game in South Dakota.
12/31 - Mason and I go home.



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