Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mason has started sleeping better at night! Bed is at 11pm, wish it was earlier, hopefully soon we can change that. He wakes around 2 to eat, then again between 4 and 5, but it is always downhill from there. BUT, that is so much better than it was before. 3 straight hours of sleep feels amazing! I actually have started waking up before he does and end up waiting a few minutes before he stirs. Mason can be one gassy baby. We decided to try gripe water since so many people swear by it. The first couple times he drank it right down, but now he doesn't like the fennel flavor as much. I'm not convinced it works.. wish it did though! He has his "cranky time", which is when he's trying to poop or has gas in the mornings from around 5 to 9 and then again at night from around 7 to bed time. It seems like long streches, but if he gets bounced and talked to, he can be comforted. I feel very fortunate he doesn't have colic! Not sure I would survive.

For a couple nights last week, he slept in his bouncer (in his pack 'n play so I could see him) with the vibrator on. It was the only way he would sleep. Luckily, he's back to sleeping normally.

We took our first family outing on Saturday (12-18). Our car got an oil change and a couple brake lights replaced while we hung out at Aunt Lindy's apartment. We stopped at Target with a moderately long list. Shopping on the last Saturday before Christmas.. not fun. There were people galore. It was very annoying, especially when we had to get a second cart (Mason's car seat takes up a lot of space). We made it halfway through our list and were in the dog bed aisle when Mason suddenly woke up and started CRYING. And, he wouldn't stop. He was hungry. So.. we just went out to the car, Mason all snuggled in a blanket being bounced as we walked. I'm surprised no one stopped me on the way out thinking I was stealing something. Once on the boob, he calmed down and poor Dad had to finish the list with both carts in tow. He got cranky again on our way back to Aunt Lindy's apartment (to get our water jugs, free water!) and didn't stop crying the whole five minutes. Luckily the ride home was a lot more peaceful. We survived the outing!