Post Christmas Post.

We made it through the Christmas celebrations! It was fun for everyone to meet Mason and hang out with him. He made it through without getting sick, so far. My fears were unnecessary. Of course, I was concerned for myself, too. I'm worried I will have to go on antibiotics and not be able to nurse him. I don't have a backup stash in my freezer yet, so we would have to resort to formula :-s I was going to pump every day, however, I forgot some essential pieces to my pump making that a little impossible. When my pieces and I are reunited, I will begin to stock the freezer.
Good news--my dear friend, Amy, is being induced tonight!!! She is due January 4th, but had high levels of protein.. so early baby it is! I'm so excited for her and can't wait for her to experience having a bitty baby of her own. Mason is also excited for his future best friend to be born.
Today I started researching silent reflux and am now convinced Mason has it. The supporting evidence in form of symptoms:
-sour breath (smells like rotten milk)
-wet burps (always sounds like something is going to come up)
-coughs/chokes while eating
-cries during/after feedings, sometimes can't finish
-doesn't sleep well
-arches back after eating
Silent reflux is just like regular reflux, but instead of spitting up, that junk is swallowed. So it burns on the way up and the way down. Poor baby. (assuming he has it)
I called the doctor and left a message and am awaiting a call back now. I'm hoping she'll give us a prescription, but won't hold my breath. The time for his 2 month checkup is coming up (even though I haven't made the appointment yet) so maybe she'll want to wait until then.
He's been sleeping almost all day. I thought we did pretty good last night, maybe I was wrong? Hope this hibernating business has no effect on tonight!


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