Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 Months.

Dear Mason,
Holy cow! You are 3 months old. That just sounds sooo old.
So much has changed in so little time...

You are getting better and better at tummy time. You are even starting to enjoy it more, especially when I prop you up on the boppy. But most of the time I make it more challenging and just stick you on the floor. You usually last between 3-10 minutes before starting to fuss.

Bath time is also becoming a more enjoyable experience. You hardly cry anymore during.

You especially like when I flip you over to scrub your backside. You kick and try to jump out of the tub. It just seems like you're having so much fun.

Look at that cute little butt!

You love talking and have lots of things to say. You've even laughed a few times! It is the cutest noise EVER. But, you are still just starting to do so, so the giggles are still only every once and a while. Toys have starting gaining more of your attention, making you more independent. You will be cool just to sit and watch/hit/touch/talk to toys in your pack and play or gym for 10-20 minutes at a time.

Your gym has a mirror, but you aren't too into your reflection yet.
Your favorite part of the gym is "Mr. Sun." He lights up and plays you music. You return the love by always say hello when he is first turned on. The toy-part of your bouncy chair is getting less and less scary. You used to cry when I'd put it on, but now you like it... for about five minutes.
The piano is a go-to gadget. It will play songs that we sing and dance to. You've tried playing it yourself and just stare when you make it do something. I always wish I knew what was going on in that tiny, little head of yours.
A recent favorite. The keys. We already know you can shake them around, but if you start crying, all I have to do is put them above you and jingle them to make you stop.
Speaking of crying...

...you do it when you want. Still don't like those hats (or hoods in this case).
You enjoy sitting up. You are quite wobbly still and I would never let go and walk away (because you'd topple right over), but love the new view.
We'll pull you up from the sitting position and you love to stand! Well, sometimes.

You are just getting cuter and cuter (and chubbier and chubbier).
I LOVE starting my day with this:
(Gym time always lasts way longer when you are naked.)

Keep growing! But slow down a little, my back needs a break!