Monday, February 28, 2011

Mason's First Convertible.

Mason has been hating his infant car seat for a while now. The crotch strap is too tight and every time I buckle it, he fusses. The harness is as loose as it will go and stays that way when he's strapped in. We decided it was time for an upgrade. After much research, we picked one made by The First Years. I was at Toys 'R Us looking at my options, but just couldn't buy one because I HAVE TO look at the online reviews first. I love the internet for this.
This seat should last a good while (up to 65 pounds), but it doesn't work with a seat belt, so we will have to buy a booster seat if need be. But, we haven't used the thing yet as it is still sitting on our living room floor. I'm waiting for Grandpa Tim to visit this weekend so he can install it. Tyler doesn't do too well with the whole assembly/installing of things. So, to avoid unnecessary frustration and pouting, we'll wait for The Grandpa to get here before trying it out.