Change of Plans.

Plans change. I see this as a good thing. If my plans had never changed, I would be scooping up monkey poop and my mailbox that would say "Kalissa & Roger & Tim & Kwhitney" would be vandalized daily.

Yep. Here is how my plans have changed over the years. I'm talking big, long term plans, not weekend plans.

Little girl plans:

Marry Grandpa Roger and be a zookeeper. Also, marry my dad. Live with my best friend, Whitney. Change our names to start with the letter "K".

Elementary Plans:

Marry Drew. Whitney will marry Drew's twin, Dan, so that we will be related. Dan and Drew planned to kill everyone off and take over the world, so at least we would be spared as their wives. (We broke up with them shortly after for this reason..)

Junior High Plans:

Go to college at Iowa State with Whitney. Major in business. Marry Brent, have lots of babies.

High School Plans:

Go to Coe College, major in Music Education. Get a job teaching band where I went to school.

College Plans:

Graduate. Get married to Tyler. Go RVing in Europe for our honeymoon. Get a job, in Iowa. Do real estate on the side.

Post-College Plans:

Sub in Minnesota and teach piano lessons. Have babies.

While I did follow through on some of these plans, most were tossed out.
I did go to college and major in music ed, but Whitney was not at my side. If she had been, I wouldn't have made the great friends I have today.
I did get married. Once. To Tyler. We didn't RV in Europe, but to Maine and back. It was a wonderful trip.
I didn't have to sub, because I ended up getting a job teaching after all. In Minnesota. My "dream job" opened up at the school I went to, but I didn't even apply. I decided to be a stay-at-home-mom instead.
All my broken plans have led me to where I am today, and I could not be more thankful for the life I have. The only plan that matters is God's.. and he knows what he's doing!


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