Saturday, February 5, 2011

Key Jingo Jango

I'm sure you are thinking, "Those pictures kinda suck..." Well, yes they do. And yes that is laundry laying by Mason's head. And yes, that laundry is still waiting to be placed in it's home. But, the point of the pictures is to capture something I never thought I'd be excited about.
Key jingling.
To the average eye, these pictures say--cute baby (duh), messy floor, blurry keys.
To me, these pictures remind me of the time (today) that when I handed Mason the keys, he opened up his fists and grabbed onto them. {insert excited/happy/overreacting mom grin here} Then.... I shook his hands to jingle the keys. He copied and jingled them himself. {insert even bigger excited/happy/overreacting mom grin here}. We did this over and over. And it was extremely exciting. No jumping out of airplanes, bungy jumping, or swimming with the sharks for me. I am cool with just some good old fashion key jingling.