4 Months.

Dear Mason,
I think this has been my favorite month yet. It seems like so many things have changed!
Now during tummy time, you will lift yourself up with your pudgy, little hands. Sometimes you even scoot a little.
If you couldn't tell, you are now wearing bibs. You're a drool machine.

You've started sitting up. By yourself. You wobble and eventually start sagging to the side, but can last a couple minutes by yourself. If I put the boppy around you, you're good to go for however long you want.

You're finally tolerating hats. You know, now that winter is almost over.

You LOVE the tv. We don't let you watch it, but sometimes you'll sneak a peak. Then, you're hooked.

You were really into this episode of The Doctors. Probably because they were talking about boobs.

You get the blank tv stare from your dad, obviously.

Coming soon: teeth.
We all know this drooling and fussing is going to lead somewhere.
You had a couple really cranky days when I discovered you had little white things poking out your gums. It is coming.
You better figure out your teether soon. They aren't just for licking, you know.

You have some great expressions. I'm always lucky to catch them on camera. Speaking of the camera, it is your best friend. How could it not be though? You see it about as much as you see me. You probably think it is one of my appendages.
We finally took your stroller out into the real world, instead of just rolling around upstairs. You had a blast, and so did my back.
You're also big enough to ride in the ergo carrier now which is nice both at home and when we go places. You enjoy it as long as I don't stand still for too long!

You are way more interested in your reflection now. Every morning I'll stop be the mirror in the bedroom and let you look at yourself. Usually you are shy and burry your head into me, but sometimes you'll stick your arms out and hold hands with your reflection. It is pretty cute.
While you still have a special place in your heart for your keys, you favorite toys as of lately are:
The panda.
The duck.
And your absolute favorite that makes you smile no matter what, the giraffe.
Everything still ends up in your mouth. Your hands, toys, my hands...

You discovered your feet. And they are neat.
If you could say things besides "gee, goo, buh.." I'm sure you would protest the end of bath time. You'd say "Just a few more minutes! Mooooooom!" :)

You have become quite the splasher. We have moved to the floor. Caution! Wet floor!
You've also taken a couple showers. Water gets on your face, but you don't seem to mind.

You still sleep right beside me and I don't see that changing any time soon. Shhh, don't tell your dad I said that.
When I set you in the crib at night, you fuss and stir until I get tired of watching you and give up and bring you back into bed. You love cuddling up next to me and I enjoy it just as much. Except the other morning. We were trying out different diapers for night time. There was a major fail and I awoke to poop on my leg. Don't worry, we laughed it off.

Such a big crib for such a little boy.

No, Grandma Deb, he is not sucking his thumb, he's chewing on it.
Your 4 month check-up was on the 8th, the actual day you turned 4 months. You weighed in at 15lbs 8oz. You're a shorty, as you are only 22 1/2 inches long, which is below the 5th percentile. We knew you weren't going to be a post player though, so that's okay.

Keep up the good work.


LeAnna said…
Adorable!!! I have a little shorty, too. :)

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