Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sometimes I Have A Social Life, Sometimes.

This past weekend, Mason and I met some friends at a mall. These are our faraway friends we only get to see a few times a year. It was a great Saturday! Amy and Jackson (almost 3 months).

Mason riding in the stroller Amy brought with for us. We didn't have room in our car, so she was kind enough to bring an extra along. He loved looking around at everything.. and chewing on the tray.
The gang. Poor Melanie. She has to put up with our constant, "When are you getting married?", "When are YOU going to have a baby?", "You need to have a baby now." She puts up with us and is very good at resisting peer pressure.

Sweet little Jackson. Sporting a bib, because he, too, is a drool monster.

He was giving me that look all day.

We used the ergo for a while, too. Mason fell asleep when I was wearing him on the front. That has never happened before.

The boys, getting to know eachother.
At first Mason wasn't sure.

So, he poked, prodded, and grabbed Jackson.

And Jackson was like, "Who the bleep are you?"

And then he cried.
And Melanie soothed. Practice, you know.

And Amy got to see how much Jackson will soon weigh.

We said our farewells and my parents picked me up.
We may have stopped for a snack at the arches.

And someone had a nap on the way home.