Flashback Friday.

I dug out a roll of film a couple weeks ago and sent it into snapfish.com to get developed since they gave me free film developing credits. I bet most people don't use them, because really, who uses film still (besides hardcore photographers)? If I used film, we'd be selling all our possessions to pay for developing. On average, I upload about 50 pictures a day. Just of Mason. Okay, more like 75. But most of them are the same picture over and over, I just go through and delete the ones I don't like of the 100 total. Of those 125 pictures I'm sure over half get deleted, when I have time. Can you imagine paying to get that many pictures developed?? I probably wouldn't take as many pictures, but you get the point. I feel I am just rambling now. Let's get on with the show. These are pictures from my roll of dusty film dating back only to 2008, I think.

My sister and her devil dog, Bella.
I'll save devilish details about this dog for a rainy day.

Lindy, again. We must be going somewhere.

Oh, yes. A family vacation to Wisconsin.

They preferred Tyler to everyone else though.
He must stink.

My mom and Tyler in the camper.

Home sweet home.
Cat sweet cat.
She's dead now.
She peed on our stuff one too many times.


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