Friday, March 4, 2011

Another Toy?

Mason got a new toy, mostly because I have a hard time resisting buying things for him. I don't want the poor guy to get bored. Well, a couple days ago, my most recent purchase showed up and I was giddy.. until I started to put it together.
Do kid's toys/items get easier to put together the older they get? You know, so they don't learn bad words..?
Of course it came in as many pieces as possible, making it impossible for me to complete in just one nap time. Yes, it took two nap times to finish this construction project. And there always seems to be at least one piece that is stubborn and won't snap together no matter how hard you press. Slam it down with your fist. (insert earlier mentioned bad words here).
Yeah, yeah, it is upside down, so what?
So, I finally get the things together and put Mason in and....
He's too short!
The box says 4+ months. He will be 4 months in 4 days. I'm not counting on his legs growing that much in such little time.
So, we improvised. I stuffed a couple blankets under his feet and shoved a cake board on top of them. Of course it didn't stay in place, so I eventually just got rid of it. The blankets are softer on his little feet anyhow.
I think he likes it.
All that is totally worth this: