Farewell, Thrush.

This guy is on the move.  He's been on the move for a while, but he now enjoys travelling to other rooms.  He's an explorer.  If he spies the cat or one of the dogs, he's off!  We don't really leave him unsupervised (because we're the best parents ever), so he hasn't bit through any power cords or pulled the television down on himself.. although I'm sure he's capable of both.  The good thing is he seems much happier he can get around.  The bad thing is I have to constantly keep my floors clean.  Yeah, he licks them.
We now have a thrush-free household.  The medicine didn't really take too long to kick in.  I'm glad it worked so fast and the babe is back to minimal crankiness.  Hopefully there is no next time, but if there is, I'll know what to be looking for.
Every day I send out a "picture of the day" via text on my phone to a group of people (grandparents, cousins, aunt...).  But when the day is over, I've actually sent at least 3 pictures.  No one complains though.  Lately we've been playing a new game I like to call "What's Mason Eating?"  I'll take a shot of Mason covered in his food or chowing down on something and my peeps have to guess what he is eating.  There's been mulberries, mushrooms, and yesterday it was yogurt. 
Boy, was that a mess. 
Mess as in, all over the table, in the lap, rubbed in the hair, in the eye lashes, up the nose.. basically everywhere.  But, he had fun. 
One of the things I like most about BLW is how entertaining it is for the wee one.  After a day of exhausting all other toys in the house, it is nice to plop him in his chair and let him entertain himself with food.  Anyone else feel that way?


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