Parenting Fail?

Yesterday I was about to dip and swish one of Mason's poopy diapers, but I first like to take a closer look and see what foods made their way through.  Call me weird, crazy, gross.. but I'm still going to do it.
Anywho, I see some green chunks and at first I believe they are green peppers.  But, green peppers aren't that kind of green.  After closer inspection, I determine what it really is.

Backtrack to the night before.

Tyler and I are hanging pictures and memorabilia upstairs in the office/sewing room/play room, Mason is hanging out on his rug, playing.  Tyler sits down to read him a book.  Mason just wants to touch it, Tyler keeps pulling it out of his reach, Mason gets mad.  I tell Tyler to just let him have it, besides, it is his book.  So Tyler lets him have it and we get back to work.  I'm now trying to put together this toy basketball hoop in which in the instructions are nowhere to be found and my husband is hanging his coaching medals just so. 
Soon, the pages are starting to get ripped.  I tell Tyler to take it away. 
I put together this stupids basketball thing and it is the wrong way, so now I'm trying to take it apart.
More pages are getting ripped and crumpled.  I once again tell Tyler to take it away.
We get the basketball hoop apart and I put it together again.. but the wrong way once more.
This time, it isn't so easy to take apart (because I was just sure it was the right way this time, so I stuck in in good).  We pound and use hammers and combine our strength until it finally pops apart and this time I get it put it together successfully.
Mason starts gagging (much like when he eats something new) and coughs out a ball of paper.  In his hands, the next pieces he was about to feed himself are clenched tight.  I take away his entire stash of paper and look at my husband, he looks at me.  What do we do?  Laugh.  We laugh.  So our son ate some paper?  Maybe we should serve it more often, he evidently liked it.  Definite parenting fail.

So, those green chunks were not peppers.  Those chunks were the colorful illustrations that helped tell the story of Simba, Nemo, Pongo, and Mowgli.  Oh, and the instructions for the basketball hoop?  Right on the box.  The end.


Adrienne said…
LOVE that picture! Love the baby chub! Good story, too! lol
LeAnna said…
LOL! I'm sure the extra fiber just kept things a'moving. ;) Spriggy dear loves to eat paper, too. Unlike her brother, she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. Her favorite, though, is three day old honey nut cheerios that she finds under the kitchen table.

Alicia said…
lol. so cute. my daughter still eats paper and she's 21 months old. she'll eat anything she finds lying on the floor.

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