The Food.

We kept the menu pretty simple for Mason's birthday party.  Soup, bread, and cake.  Simple.
Here are some of the recipes we used.  I'm only sharing because they are awesome.

We'll start with the soup.
(Click on the recipe title to go to the recipe, click on the picture to go to Pinterest)

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We doubled the recipe and added a pound of hamburger.
It was a hit, only a bowlful was left over. And, I ate it.

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I didn't use any half and half, just skim milk. I figured the cheese was fattening enough.
Speaking of cheese, I used 8oz Colby Jack and 4oz Cheddar.
Also, I have no idea what cardamom is, so.... I didn't use it.
Best broccoli cheese soup I've ever tasted.

We also had bean and ham and also chicken dumpling. But, these were not created with the use of a recipe, so if you don't know how to make either and really want to know, I suppose I would tell you if you ask me.

Moving on.
The bread.

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We skipped the herbs on this one (except garlic, never skip garlic).
Pretty good stuff. Mason is a fan.

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I'll admit it, the only other cornbread I've had was good ol' Jiffy.
This blows that blue box out of the water.
Seriously, I ate the leftover cornbread in record time.
It was just so good.

Last, but not least, the cake.

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This was Mason's cake.
We used heavy whipping cream with vanilla for the frosting.
Grandma snuck in some sugar, don't worry.

We did substitute vanilla almond milk for soy milk because we aren't big soy milk drinkers.
For no sugar in the cake, it is pretty sweet. Dense, yes, but not bad.
Mason liked it just fine.

The other cake was a little more on the chocolatey side.

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Yes, for real.
The first time we tried this cake, we made it in an angel food cake pan.
For the party we made it in a regular cake pan.
(By "we", I mean my mom.)
It was so much more moist the first time. So I suggest making it in a bundt pan, as the recipes says to.
It is super-wonderful-delicious without the ganache.
With the ganache, divine.
But only if you like chocolate.
We've actually renamed this "Chocolate Butt Cake." The reason why should be obvious.

That's all I've got for you.  Now, get cookin'!

P.S. Thanks for the help with the food prep, Mom.

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LeAnna said…
Oh man, that chocolate cake looks divine! And I need to check out that soda bread, too. I love me some brown butter.
Adrienne said…
Wow! I'm going to have to try that broccoli cheddar soup recipe. I have cardamom in the house! ;) (But that's because I like to cook Indian food). I will have to use vegetable stock instead of chicken broth since we are vegetarian.

And man, that chocolate cake looks DEEEEEELICIOUS!! And we used that same applesauce banana cake for Burkley's cake. It was good, but a little...well, chewy? He liked it though!
now this is a great menu! yum!!!
Margo said…
The chocolate cake looks divine!

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