Miscellany Monday.

Thanks for stories/thoughts/suggestions on what to do with Mason's healthcare provider situation.  We have a while to think things over and decide what we want to do, but it helps to hear what you think!

I was looking back on my posts from the first months having Mason around and I'd have to say that I've not only grown as a blogger but as a person. Being a mom has changed me in ways I never thought would. Crazy how much influence such a little person has on your life.

This weekend we experienced some freezing rain. 'Tis the season. Fa la la la la.

Mason doesn't talk much, but he does some pretty cute things, like call for our cat. He's caught on that we click our tongues when we call Kinnick, and has started doing it, too, whenever he sees him or is searching for him. I didn't even notice he was doing it at first, I just thought he was making random noises, Tyler was the one that realized what he was trying to do. Such a smart little boy.

I let my diapers soak up some sun yesterday after washing them. They froze a little, but the stains came out and so did some stink. However, I really really need to strip all my diapers. I've been putting it off for a while now, and they are getting a little too stinky. I've never done it, any suggestions?

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Adrienne said…
Aww! Love that pic of teeny Mason in the sling, and Burkley had those same jammies! http://mommyingmyway.blogspot.com/2011/05/battling-croup.html

Also, for stripping the dipes...there are several ways to do this, but here's what I have done: squirt in a little dishsoap (really gets through the grime of built up laundry detergent, even the all-natural homemade stuff I use) and wash as normal. Then go back and put your washer on "rinse." Repeat that last step 3 or 4 times. Then dry as normal. Also, or rather, instead, if you have a really good downpouring rain, you can put them outside in the rain and the rain will strip them! I don't know why, something in the rain and the pressure of it falling with gravity does the trick, I've been told! Or, you can collect the rainwater and soak the dipes in it. :)

And, Mason looks super cute in his hat and mittens...does he leave the mittens on?
Melissa said…
Aw, jammy twins!
I've been nervous to use dishsoap in my washer! But.. if you say it works for you, I'll try it :) Come spring, I definitely want to try the rain thing though, that's really cool. I've never heard of that.
And, yes, Mason does leave the mittens on so long as we are outside and he isn't thinking about them. But once we get back inside, he first rips his hat off, then focuses on getting those things off his hands.
Tiffany said…
Cute pics of your little guy! Freezing rain...ugh! I am not looking forward to that!

And yes, I totally agree on it being crazy how much a little person can change you in so many big ways! Such a wonderful thing!
aww, he's so cute!!!

it's so fun to read old posts (sometimes i cringe when i read mine!) to see how i've grown and changed. love it!

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