Mason's First Birthday Party.

We had Mason's birthday party on Sunday at my parents' house.
Family and good friends joined us to celebrate.

My friend, Adrienne, made Mason's adorable birthday onsie. Check out her Etsy shop

It took hours to decorate this cake. Okay, not really. 

Mason was a little overwhelmed with all the people staring at him while he opened his presents.. that and he was sorta tired, so he had a bit of a meltdown. 

Kiah, my friend's son, helped calm him down. Is that not the cutest thing? 
He also stepped in for Mason and finished opening his presents.


Grandma Deb helped blow out his candle. 

 The frosting was definitely Mason's favorite part of his cake. Probably because Grandma Kim snuck some sugar into it.

I'm going to dedicate a different post talking about all the yummy food we ate. 

The party was wonderful. It is always so great to see the people we love.


Skye said…
Happy Birthday to Mason! Aww! He looks like he loved it (minus the meltdown LOL) - 1 year old! Can you even believe it! :)
Adrienne said…
Hooray!!!!! And see, I thought the onesie seemed a bit big!! Must have been the brand. Nonetheless, he looked ADORABLE and the leggings matched perfectly! Glad you all had fun!
LeAnna said…
What a fun birthday party!!

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