32 Weeks

All three of us are still growing. Yesterday was our ultrasound and doctor appointment, good news all around. Baby A is 3lbs 12 oz, Baby B is 3lbs 10oz. They've gained almost a pound since our last ultrasound! They've also done some shifting around in there. B is no longer head down, but A is. B is butt down in a V somewhat at the top of my uterus. It is definitely getting crowded. The ultrasound reveals arms and legs everywhere in a jumbled mess.


My belly measured 38cm and I've now gained a total of 27 pounds. So not going to gain as much as I want, but at least the babies are growing well. Our doctor informed us that we need to come in twice a week now for non-stress tests and our jaws dropped. We drive a good hour to the doctor and are trying to save as many days as possible for Tyler to take off after the babies are born, this is just not convenient.. not to mention the price of gas! Long story short, we are putting those tests off since the specialist that saw us after our ultrasound feels very good about the growth and activity of the babies. However, we know what is right around the corner.


About a week ago, I woke up in the morning and felt great. I looked in the mirror and thought I looked smaller. You can kind of see in the picture that my belly has gotten lower and I think it is because the babies shifted around in there. That great day only lasted for, well, that day, but it was nice.
We now have weekly appointments which is a sign of the end/beginning coming. We have a few more diapers to purchase, a car seat, and a few other items left on the list. I also have to write up our birth plan, which I didn't do with Mason, but our doula gave us some a good resource on creating a plan with multiples so that shouldn't be too hard.


Skye said…
Wow coming right along! Glad to hear you are all doing well and feeling good. i have heard twins are usually early. Is that true? Did your dr tell you to expect to go early? I am clueless.
Barb said…
Wowser Mel! You look like you have dropped! So happy to hear the babies are growing nicely :) So what is a birth plan????

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